P Squared LLC

Information on the Business

p2-main-logo-smallP Squared LLC is a healthcare information services company providing consulting services in the United States at highly competitive prices.  Our focus is on Healthcare Institutions that make use of Epic Hyperspace as their electronic medical record. We also work with Healthcare systems to integrate critical legacy and ancillary software, so that it can work in conjunction with Epic Hyperspace.

P Squared LLC is different than many other IT consulting agencies in that all members of the company are still actively working as analysts, project managers, and strategic leadership. We emphasis quality by continuing to work with our clients.

Ray Province has 20 years of experience in the healthcare IT business, and over 8 years of experience with Epic Hyperspace. Leon Pechatnikov has 12 years of experience in the healthcare IT business, all of which has been involved with Epic Hyperspace. Leon is also a former Technical Support person from Epic Corporate in Verona, Wisconsin.

The goal of P Squared LLC is to develop long term relationships with our personal clients whereby clients will continue to work with us time and time again in developing software solutions for the tremendous challenges being placed upon healthcare institutions in this current market.

P Squared LLC is also committed to providing exceptional project management and strategic assessment services. We also provide support for go live implementation and support. We often refer our friends in the Epic IT Consulting industry to new clients. There is a small but highly cohesive network of Epic Analysts and Project Managers across the U.S. Most of the time, when asked, we know them. Most of the time, we know where Epic IT consulting needs are, because we stay in touch with this network of consultants with “boots on the ground.”

and meet with your staff, allowing us to provide the best match of resources for your specific needs.   Strategic decisions on how daily functions will be minimally impacted and a project timeline will be established.  This critical step ensures adequate staffing and project management.

So who would you want to want to hire: someone actually working in the industry or a resource manager who has the task of finding “a warm body” to fit your need. The current market is full of consultants with very little experience with Epic Hyperspace. We can help.