Introducing Park’n’Go

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Introducing Park’n’Go

By Jason Province

            There are several apps out today that help you track down your car after parking. Many of these apps can be found on the Google Play market place for Android products and the iTunes market place for Apple products. These handy little apps help you find your car when you’ve parked and can’t remember where. Park’n’Go, like these other apps, will assist in finding your car but with fewer steps.

Park’n’Go is the newest phone app from P Squared LLC and has hit the Google Play market place for $2.99. Park’n’Go is an application that assists in finding your parked vehicle. Most applications on the market today require you to mark your vehicle on a map first before it can begin the tracking process. Park’n’Go has eliminated this processes by staying connected to the Bluetooth of your car. You simply just need to connect the application to your car’s Bluetooth when you first get the app and leave it running in the background and it will track your car automatically.

On the app you will find a tutorial that explains how to use it and an FAQ section to answer any questions you might have about the application itself. The simple to use interface and step by step instructions make P Squared LLC’s Park’n’Go app a worthwhile purchase for anyone.