How it Works

wayCALL is a smartphone app that makes sure dining out is exactly as it should be – a stress-free, relaxing and enjoyable experience. Because no matter how good the server is, sometimes they’re so busy that they don’t realise you need attention, and you can spend all your time trying to get noticed.

wayCALL takes that hassle away, because it puts you, the diner, in control. The handy, user-friendly app means you can get table service instantly just by pressing a button on your smartphone.

  • No need to wave your arms around to order another bottle of wine.
  • Forget the frustration of trying to attract the attention of busy staff that don’t catch your eye.

wayCALL puts you, the customer, in control of your dining service.

The wayCALL app allows you to:

  • call the server
  • order more drinks
  • ask for the bill

The moment you press a button in the app, the restaurant is notified so they know you’re waiting and can send someone over to your table. This means you can forget about trying to attract their attention, and concentrate on the most important parts of your meal – the food, drink, and the company you’re with.

How does the wayCALL app work?

1. Download the app from your app store or visit
2. Once downloaded, tap the app to start
3. Hover your camera over the wayCALL code that identifies your table, making sure the image is clearly focused.
4. Once, you have successfully scanned the wayCALL code, you can call the waiter, get more drinks or request your bill by pressing one of the buttons on your phone.
5. This signals to the waiting staff that you are waiting for service
6. After you have requested the bill, you have an opportunity to rate your experience of the venue.

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