Welcome to PSquared LLC

Posted By on Jul 3, 2014 | 0 comments

Ray ProvinceIt has been an exciting year for Leon and I, as we have worked to develop our company from initial conversations we first had two years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, to the fruition of the start of our company in August 2013. Now we are finishing the task of bringing life to our company website.

Leon and I both wanted to find a way to collaborate in a manner not common to our industry. As a general rule, IT consultants will be employees (W2) or employees with less benefits (the so-called W2 hourly employee) or as 1099 independent contractors. The hard part can be finding work on your own, and managing the “business” of being a 1099 consultant.

That was the dream of PSquared LLC. As partners, we more efficiently handle the day to day business of being Consultants in the healthcare IT industry.  But our collaboration does not stop there. We are able to work together to find contracts where our talents can best be put to use.

Often, independent Healthcare IT consultants will work  through a Consulting Agency, which handles finding work, billing the client, etc.  As a result, those companies receive compensation as a percentage of the billable hours. This is still a viable way to do business from the perspective of the consultant, because we simply cannot be everywhere at all times. Having said that, working together as a team also allows us the opportunity to develop our own service agreements with Healthcare Institutions, thereby making us a highly favorable option for hospitals and clinics looking for competent Healthcare IT help.  Not every institution is willing to work with small companies, but I have a feeling that will change as budgets get tighter.

We look forward to working with you soon,

Ray Province